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Level Set Films is a full service San Francisco Bay Area video production company.

Here's what we do...

Video Planning

(The stuff that happens before we press record)

This is the process that separates the amateurs and professionals. The technical aspects of filmmaking are important, but it’s the practice of putting thoughts to paper that help us craft your message in a meaningful way.

We’ll spend time to understand your business needs, develop concepts, coordinate the pieces, and execute on that vision.

Video Production

(The stuff that happens when we press record)

Yes, we shoot 4K and it looks pretty. But our focus is on the story we’re telling your audience,  that guides every decision. By staying high-level, we’re able to avoid costly mistakes during production. Like, do we really need that drone?!?

We’ll get the best performance from talent, make smart changes on the fly, and stay on budget.

Video Editing

(The stuff that happens after we press record)

This is where the video gets made. Where all the pieces come together.

And we want you there with us. We make a point to loop you in early in the process, before the audio is mixed and the color is corrected. This transparency saves us both time and makes for better videos.

We’ll keep alignment with vision, share throughout the process, and make stylized choices that ups the overall quality.

Motion Graphics

(Those fun little graphics that move around on the screen)

Time spent doing motion graphics will pay dividends in the overall quality of your videos. That is unless the graphics are cheesy or old school, but we don’t want that. Our preferred style is 2D flat stylized graphics, clean and timeless.

We’ll keep a consistent stylized look, add to the overall piece in a meaningful way, and communicate often through style frames.

To learn more information about the specific types of videos we create...

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