Jameson Whiskey Case Study

The Evolution Bureau (EVB), a creative advertising agency in the SF Bay Area, was hesitant to try a new video production vendor for an upcoming project. Their client was Jameson Whiskey and their expectations were high in terms of quality and content.

The goal of the project was to connect with their audience, 25-34 year old males, in the moments that matter to them. We shot and edited a one minute funny video for April Fool’s that was distributed on Facebook and Instagram.

The results were unbelievable...

4,440 shares and 586,725 views in one day!

The stunt created engagement that far exceeded the their expectations.

Jameson Whiskey is a happy client and EVB is looking forward to future projects with Level Set Films.


Lance Miller

Level Set Films, San Francisco Bay Area

Lance Miller is a filmmaker and owner of Level Set Films, a video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also teaches what he's learned about business on his site Freedom Everything.