(Video) What I Learned from Facebook Video Advertising


By now we all know the importance of Facebook video, right?!?

Well I wanted to give it a shot with my business, and share the results with my folks. 

In this video, I talk about the 3 things I learned from my first Facebook Video ad campaign.


Here's the video transcript:

What up Level Setters!

I did my first Facebook video ad campaign and the results were mmm..OK.

In this video I’m gonna talk about the three things I learned.

But first, let’s show the stats…

  • I spent 50 bucks and the campaign was scheduled for 3 days.
  • There were 651 video views, which is 8 cents per view.
  • I reached 1,877 people.
  • Facebook gave me a 2 out of 10 for the relevance score.
  • I got 7 email subscribers, which comes out to 7 dollars and 14 cents per subscriber.

Ok, here’s what I learned. 3 things:

One, try setting the campaign objective to “website conversions” rather than “video views”.

Facebook will optimize based on the objective. The goal of my campaign was to get email subscribers. So my objective could be “website conversions” to see if that optimization helps.

But “video views” still performed OK, I’m happy with 7 subscribers for my first campaign.

Two, create more versions.

The first 5 to 10 seconds are super important. And let’s be honest, friends and family are a higher priority to Facebook users than advertising, so you have to get their attention. Having at least one version with just text at the beginning or something else to compare would be helpful.

Also, my video was 55 seconds long, I could experiment with a shorter version. Cut a few lines.

Three, pay attention to the relevancy score.

It was 2 out of 10. And 10 being the highest.

Just like Google’s quality score, a low relevancy score will end up costing you more per ad. You get punished for not being relevant to Facebook users. Makes sense.

And it’s useful to see how well your ads are performing. If it’s not relevant, maybe change the copy, the creative, or the targeting.

So let’s wrap it up…

The three things I learned are:

  1. Set the objective to “Website Conversions”.
  2. Create more versions.
  3. Pay attention to relevancy score.

But I think I did pretty well for my first time. Don’t judge me. I’ll give it another go.

My name’s Lance Miller with Level Set Films. Thanks for tuning in and let’s all be better video marketers. See you next week.

What's been your experience with Facebook video ads? Any tips? Hit me up in the comments.


Lance Miller

Level Set Films, San Francisco Bay Area

Lance Miller is a filmmaker and owner of Level Set Films, a video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also teaches what he's learned about business on his site Freedom Everything.