How to Maximize ROI for your video and be a better marketer


Let’s face it, uploading a video to YouTube and crossing your fingers isn’t enough. Once you or a video production company has finished a video, then the work can begin.

Here are 4 ways to maximize ROI for your video:

1. Start with the right file.
What? You need a high-quality MOV file.
Why? With a high-quality version, you can re-purpose and minimize loss of image quality.
How? Use video editor like iMovie and export video with ProRes 422 preset.

2. Create a few versions.
What? Create a shorter version to test with your advertising.
Why? Sometimes a shorter video will lead to higher viewer engagement.
How? Plop the MOV file into iMovie, trim the intro, ramp the music volume, and upload.

3. Create GIFs.
What? Create a GIF from your MOV file.
Why? Get more engagement on social media by posting your GIFs.
How? Best free tool I’ve found is Gifrocket. Then upload to your social media channels.

4. Create stills.
What? Create stills (aka pictures) from your MOV file.
Why? More engagement on social media and can use them on your website.
How? Simply press shift+command+4 on a mac and take a screen shot of the MOV in Quicktime. Or you can take freeze frames from your video editing software like iMovie.

What have you done to maximize ROI? Would love to hear your creative solutions in the comments below so we all can become better video marketers.


Lance Miller

Level Set Films, San Francisco Bay Area

Lance Miller is a filmmaker and owner of Level Set Films, a video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also teaches what he's learned about business on his site Freedom Everything.