Where to Upload Videos for my Small Business

Finished making your video? Great!

But that’s just the beginning. What you do from here is just as important as the actual production. And unfortunately, it’s where most businesses fail.

With an overwhelming amount of places to upload your videos, most will take the easy route: upload to YouTube then embed the YouTube video to their site. But that’s a shortsighted strategy that needs a lil fine tuning.

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(Video) What I Learned from Facebook Video Advertising

By now we all know the importance of Facebook video, right?!?

Well I wanted to give it a shot with my business, and share the results with my folks. Just to give some context, my strategy was to get email subscribers for an email course I just put together: 5 Days to Planning Better Video.

In this video, I talk about the 3 things I learned from my first Facebook Video ad campaign.

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