5 Tips to Planning Video that Gets New Customers (video)


Videos fail because they're not planned properly. Money wasted!

With a little work upfront, you can plan videos that will actually get you new customers.

Here's a quick 2 minute video that gives the TOP 5 tips of the course:

Here's a transcription of the video (in case you can't watch the viddy):

In this video I’m gonna hammer out 5 points to help you plan better video. And let’s face it, you wanna be more hands on for the planning of your videos to take control of your marketing message. Leave the lights, and the cords, and the editing to the video production company.

Alright, let’s jump right into it.

Tip#1 Establish goals that make the boss happy

-Fill in the blanks: I want to make a _____________ video that gets people to _______________.

Like, I want to make an explainer video that get’s people to sign-up for our service.

Tip#2 Write a script that actually converts to new customers

Follow this sequence:

  1. Problem- what is the main problem your customer’s face?
  2. Solution- how does your product solve that problem?
  3. Explaination- how does it work?
  4. Uniqueness- why you?
  5. Call-to-action- what do you want them to do?

Tip#3 Simple storyboarding, because drawing helps us visualize

Open up Powerpoint. Copy and paste each line of script to each slide, leaving room for drawing. Then print with multiple slides per page.

Every slide should have: line of script (or direction), location, and drawing.

Tip#4 Location scouting so you don't waste time

  • Find locations with a lot of natural light.
  • Don’t ask permission. If you do, ask right before you shoot.
  • Scout at the same time you plan to shoot.

Tip#5 Hiring actors (because your friends won't cut it)

  • Use craigslist.
  • Test reliability.
  • Have backups.

And that’s it. That right there is gonna help you plan better video, but if you want to dive deeper...sign up for the email course below.

What's been your experience with planning video? Let's hear from ya in the comments below.


Lance Miller

Level Set Films, San Francisco Bay Area

Lance Miller is a filmmaker and owner of Level Set Films, a video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also teaches what he's learned about business on his site Freedom Everything.